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Nik Kershaw
Dátum 11. 10. 2019
Čas 20:00
Miesto Ateliér Babylon
Born Nicholas David Kershaw on 1st March 1958 in Bristol, England, spending his early years gurgling and blowing snot bubbles.

In 1959, Nik moved to Ipswich where he was to live for the next twenty years. Educated (educated?!) at Morland Road Primary School and Northgate Grammar School For Boys, his school honours included 25-yard Breaststroke Certificate, 5th-year Pole Vault Champion and the 1975 Barney Rubble Commemorative Award For Underachieving (with honours).

Kershaw’s early penchant for showing off was indulged at the Co-op Drama Group. Indeed, people still speak in hushed and reverent tones of his Tweedledum!

It was at Northgate that Nik met Russell Chesterman. He had a Gibson 335 (copy) and wasn’t afraid to use it. Sunday afternoons would never be the same again, throwing shapes to Black Sabbath and Deep Purple whilst Russell’s mum made light refreshments.

It was here that Kershaw was first introduced to the shady underworld of lime cordial and fish paste sandwiches.

In August 1974 at Rushmere Village Hall, the mighty “Thor” was unleashed upon an unsuspecting public. Nik on guitar and vocals and Russell on bass and headband were augmented by Roger Waters on drums and Nig Cook on guitar.

Classics such as Bowie’s “Gene Jeanie” and Slade’s “Look Wot You Dun” were stripped naked, thrashed to within an inch of their lives and dragged, kicking and screaming, through a bewildering assortment of fuzz boxes and flangers. They didn’t stand a chance.